Core Values

The core values of Kinvara Hockey Club are:


We strive to lead by example with regard to respect and sportsmanship. It is important that our players, coaches, and parents respect the roles of each other and appreciate the importance of all parties. When competing and representing our club, we always demonstrate sportsmanship and respect towards our team-mates, coaches, umpires, opponents, and supporters.


Kinvara Hockey Club was founded in 1980 following the introduction of hockey to the local secondary school Seamount College. Sport is a big part of community life and generations of Kinvara families have played, coached, managed, and supported the club through the years. We are very proud to be one of the few rural hockey clubs in the country and to continue the tradition of hockey in our region.


We are honest, fair, and open with our players, parents, supporters, sponsors, other clubs, and external bodies that facilitate and support our game. We listen to the opinions of those around us and make decisions for the club that are informed and considered.


Our club emphasises the importance of best effort and participation for each member. Through competition our players learn respect for fellow-players, opponents, umpires, and the rules of our sport. We strive to encourage an attitude of persistence, hard work, and self-belief while also developing well-rounded and balanced players. While we want hockey to be a priority, we also know how important it is for members to play other sports and be involved in their schools and communities.  We support our members in achieving balance in their activities.


We are passionate about creating a happy, safe, and enjoyable sporting environment for all our players, to engender a life-long love of hockey and sport in general. We encourage and support our young players to enable growth, development, confidence, leadership, and team spirit. Through our sport, we adopt a healthy lifestyle and build life skills.